About us

Vina Figurica

We are a passionate family dedicated to the art of creating top quality wines. With heart and soul woven into every drop, we strive to bring exceptional quality and authenticity to every bottle we produce.


Vina Figurica vineyards were planted in 2003 on 8 hectares of vineyards with over 35,000 vines containing 5 types of grapes. Our vineyards consist of carefully selected grape varieties, adapted to our territory and climatic conditions, which allows us to produce wines that are expressive, balanced and rich in flavor.


The winery was opened in 2008 and the capacity of the winery is about 20 to 25 thousand liters, which means that depending on the year, we produce from 25 to 35 thousand bottles of wine exclusively from grapes from our own production. In our winery, we use a combination of traditional and modern winemaking techniques to get the best out of each grape variety. We carefully monitor every stage of production, from fermentation to maturation, in order to achieve the perfect balance of aromas and flavors in our wines.


We produce one type of white wine, four types of red wine and Rosé. Visitors to our winery have the opportunity to explore our beautiful cellar room, where our wines rest in wooden barrels until they reach their full maturity.